Life is beautiful. Now more than ever we are able to preserve the beautiful moments, big and small, that move us. We all post images to Instagram and Facebook, and we enjoy looking at the everyday images we see there.
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Ethel Mertz being herself

I love Lucy, but I have a really soft spot for Ethel.


I mentioned in an earlier post that my friend, Daniel, had played a benefit concert for a boy named Elijah who is battling cancer.  Elijah was too sick to attend the concert and so I filmed Daniel performing one of the songs from the concert.

Winter Sky

Coronado looking towards Point Loma.  

One Day

My friend, Daniel recently played a benefit concert for a young man, Elijah, who is battling cancer.  Elijah was unable to attend the concert because he was so ill.  We recorded a message from Daniel to Elijah along with a song.  I don’t have

Coronado Beach – Family Photo Session

I often take family photos of my friends and their beautiful families, but I never post them.  I’m going to change that.  I will start with my session from this weekend.  It was cold at the beach (low 60’s, people…brrrr) but we braved it


We made it! 30 days, no sugar-dairy-soy-grains-processed foods-alcohol…Piece of cake. No… Anyways, here was our reward (aside from more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, less gas, weight loss, flatter belly, more comfy jeans, and a general

House of Dreams

“I don’t exactly want to make people know more. . .though I know that is the noblest ambition. . .but I’d love to make them have a pleasanter time because of me. . .to have some little joy or happy thought that would never have existed if I

Yay!!! Flash!!!

Who would have thought??  I thought I hated flash.  I do hate the little pop-up flash that comes on the camera and that every point and shoot and iPhone has.  Like hate them with a passion and would rather not take the shot than resort to using it.

film, again…

I put some black and white film into my dad’s old Nikon several months ago.  I shot most of the roll but then sort of forgot about my film obsession.  So when Ethel and I were at the cemetery the other day I took along the film camera to

the salmon

I’ve been making this salmon recipe since Ethel was a tiny baby.  That’s 14 years.  Whenever I tell my family we are having salmon, this is what they are expecting.  Lucy loves it even more than Ethel.  And it is easy peasy.  And

Paleo dessert time!

My whole family says we could probably do this as a Whole 365 (once we add in mommy’s wine), and these sweet potatoes are the reason why.  Better than any dessert in recent memory.  Great as a post-workout snack (I try to avoid

In case you missed it…

Roasted pecans!!!!  Here is my recipe for the most delicious nuts you will ever eat.  You are welcome…

Butternut Squash? Yes, please…

I love butternut squash soup.  Ethel really love butternut squash soup.  When I found this recipe in my amazing Paleo cookbook, Well Fed, I knew we would be trying it…often.  I made this twice in two days.  The first time as a “soufflé ”

Get ready to eat your brussel sprouts….

These will, I promise, absolutely ROCK YOUR WORLD.  They are shredded, crispy, tangy, salty goodness.  Serve these warm or room temperature.  Serve these as an appetizer or a side dish.  I don’t care if you think you don’t like brussel


I miss my wine probably the most during this little food experiment.  This isn’t even close to a reasonable substitute but it’s refreshing, and it’s in a pretty glass.  Its just ice cubes, perrier, lime juice and mint.


Ethel and I went up to Rosecrans National Cemetery on Saturday evening.  We drove past there the week before on our way to and from Cabrillo National Monument, as we have many times before, and promised we would return soon. So my big girl and I


Here are a few shots from before Christmas.  I haven’t posted them until now because some of them were on our Christmas card.

What I ate…day 4

Breakfast: Black Coffee Scrambled eggs with red pepper and green onion Mild Italian sausage (whole 30 approved) green smoothie Lunch: nothing, I really just wasn’t hungry. Snack: my snack mix Dinner: pork chops sauteed cabbage green salad with

Some new recipes

I’ve added a few new recipes to the site.  I just wanted to alert you in case don’t go back and read all my old posts that might link to these. Spicy Broccoli Slaw Toasted Pecans Kristen’s Addictive Snack Mix   You can find

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